abstract double spiral collage by Deborah Eater

Ode to Joy / Discovery

Found paper collage on canvas board.  18″ x 14″.  Copyright 2014 by Deborah Eater.  Private  collection, Pittsburgh PA.

What I enjoyed most about making this collage was the challenge of creating an illusion of translucence or transparency using opaque papers.  The papers I used came from Coldwater Creek catalogs and the Princeton Alumni Weekly among others.

5 thoughts on “Ode to Joy / Discovery

    • Thank you, Laura. Often I feel reluctant about working with color. While most of my classmates would cheer when the drawing instructor said, “Ok, next week bring your colored pencils; we’ll be working in color” I’d be inwardly clinging to my plain black charcoal. Even in collage I gravitate to a limited palette. This time I held my breath and took a great leap. Perhaps it’s a beginning.

      If you should travel from New York to Philadelphia by car or rail, you’ll pass right through Bristol, PA where my gallery is located, in case you’d like to stop in.

      • Well, for someone who tends to shy away from color, you certainly nailed it perfectly with this piece!
        Thank you for letting me know about your gallery, I would most certainly love to see it!
        Will have to plan a road trip once we get past this winter… Yay!

    • Sounds like an interesting project, Linda. I can’t wait to see some of the results. I saw a summer program exhibit at PAFA a few years ago where they did sculpture with paper. I’ll have to look for the photos to show you.

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